The most effective treatment method available only at JoopiKids

The treatment of JoopiKids combines the best techniques to guarantee the best result and the maximum care of the hair. Treatment includes:


Treatment consists of 5 steps

Tratamiento Joopi Magic Revisión

ONE – Screening

At the first step, the operator carries out a screening to identify the infestation degree and determines the best treatment option.
A disposable kit is used for both customer and operator for every treatment

TWO – Joopi Magic Heat Treatment

After dividing the hair into different sections, constant hot air flow is applied killing by dehydration nearly all lice and moreover the nits.

Tratamiento Joopi Magic de Calor

THREE – Hair Hydration

Years of experience has shown us that the children coming to our centers have been through countless aggressive lice combing and also treated with chemical products that weaken and damaged their hair.
JoopiKids takes care of childrens’ hair and applies a moisturizing lotion to preserve its vitality. It also contributes for a better success of the following step

Tratamiento Joopi Magic de Aspiración

FOUR – Joopi Magic Vacuum treatment

The remains of the previous steps are removed with a suction flow. The vacuum hose has a lice combed attached at its nozzle that sweeps along every single dead louse and nit to the filter.

FIVE – Check with manual comb

Finally the scalp is thoroughly examined using a magnifying glass and the hair is brushed with a professional micro grooved nit comb granting the treatment success.

Revisión Manual con Lendrera especial

The complete treatment usually takes around 1 hour long, but may be longer depending on the hair length and the infestation degree. A second appointment is made for one week later for a follow up check that allows us to guarantee the result.



The most complete and efficient device for lice and nits removal

Joopi Magic is a safe, portable device that has been fully developed by R&D department of Joopi Kids to eliminate lice infestations. It is a 100% natural method.  This technology has been fully developed and manufactured in Spain.


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