Discover our treatment!

Unique in the world and 100% effective for the elimination of lice and nits

SAVE TIME AND MONEY! with JoopiMagic® and get rid of this annoying problem.

We combine the best techniques to guarantee the best result and maximum hair care.

And all this in a record time: 60 minutes!

Our treatment includes:

tratamiento piojos

1.- Evaluation

Before starting the JOOPI MAGIC treatment, our professionals evaluate the whole family FREE of charge, to determine the degree of infestation of the child, to rule out the possibility that their family members may have been infected.
In this way we ensure that ALL THE FAMILY is safe from lice.

In JOOPI KIDS we use a complete hygienic kit for each client and for the operator that applies the treatment, to ensure proper cleaning.

2.- Application of heat

The first phase of our treatment JoopiMagic® consists of applying hot air through a diffuser, to kill by dehydration lice and nits. With this formula the lice and nits die naturally, without the children’s heads suffer any alteration or be damaged by chemicals.

This makes our treatment 100% recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists.

3.- Hydration

At Joopi Kids, hair care is the most important, so we hydrate the hair naturally, to facilitate aspiration and help the hair recover its vitality and promote hair regeneration.

In this way we recover the capillary health of the smallest, which in occasions has been deteriorated by chemical products.

4.- Aspiration

With the suction device that has JoopiMagic® and thanks to our built-in nurse we eliminate all the lice and nits, in a 100% effective way.

5.- Review

After 7 days, an in-depth review is carried out in which we verify that to ensure that the treatment has been 100% effective.

Joopi kids is much more!

Apart from our treatment of lice and nits Joopi Kids is a family hairdresser where the youngest of the house live a fun experience while attending to the needs of the whole family. 

And all for much less than you imagine.

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